Diet Diaries: will we bring it back?

tesco diets

Diet Diaries has lapsed a bit.

Just like my own diet - hmmm funny that...

Anyway, I was wondering - do yis want to bring it back? Could be just what we need to get our motivation up and running for summer. And have a laugh at all the mad diets out there.


E-diets remains my favourite way to starve and I think I'll go back to it. Ah it's not that bad honest - and it is healthy. Unlike Weightwatchers which I think encourages really unhealthy eating. When I did Weightwatchers I used to save all my points up for booze and chocolate at the weekend and starve during the week.

You can't do that with e-diets - and as a result you feel much healthier. They've got a free ten day trial running at the moment so it's a good way to see what you think.

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