Diet Diaries: Slimfast for me: what mad ways have you tried to shift the pounds?

It is now Day 7 of Slimfast. Of me being on Slimfast I mean.

And I am SO HUNGRY! The shakes claim to control hunger for four hours. They don't, but who's surprised about that.

Now I haven't been an angel or anything. Yesterday I had a dangerous encounter with a bag of Revels and the night before saw a dinner out washed down with tons of wine. But weekends and diets do not work do they?


But you know something? I'm just so sick of the splurge hanging over the top of my jeans and I have to get rid of it. And I know Slimfast is just a low calorie meal replacement and I could eat something else in its place - but it's the discipline of it that seems to be working. I have two shakes, three fruits and a grilled fish or chicken dinner. And that's it. Once I eat my food there's no more.

What about you? Tried any bonkers diets like Slimfast - or do you have a better idea?
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