How do you get your beauty sleep?


Zzzzz... sorry, nodded off there. Yawn.

What was I saying anyway? Oh yeah (rubs eyes), When my insomnia goes into overdrive it's quite frankly hell.

Tossing and turning, drifting off, only to wake at 3 in the morning. Which isn't too bad on nights that I don't have work the next morning, because I get up and have a cup of tea (camomile) and then go back to bed.

I'm cross, I'm cranky, I want to sleep. Plus I have noticed two disastrous unconnected insomnia related perils


1. I am "comforting" myself by eating brownies, almond croissants and flapjack cakey things. After 3 weeks of this I'm having trouble getting my jeans to button.

2. I may be heading for the divorce courts if I keep the husband awake for one more night.

This can't go on - I'm knackered. Help me and tell me what works for you!

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