Introducing Gifting Week!

It's time. If you haven't begun to celebrate the festive season, you can start now and continue all next week with our Gifting Week.

Tomorrow is December 1st. It's the start of advent which means we can finally begin to celebrate Christmas. So tune into Christmas FM, prepare yourself some eggnog and start making those lists.

From Monday to Friday next week, we'll be listing the essential gifts for everyone in your life. Every day will be a different list giving you essential inspiration on what to get the hardest people to buy for. For us, that's any man in our life. Fathers, husbands, brothers, sons - what do they want, dammit?

Or maybe it's the wimmen you have trouble with. Not all mothers, girlfriends, pals or nieces like the things we like, unfortunately. If only you could give everyone a Clarins or L'Occitane gift set. Sigh.

Anyway, all of these gift conundrums will be solved next week. To get the party started, let's get in the mood. First, let's have a boogie to possibly the best Christmas song by Wham!


RIP George.

If you think it's not the best Christmas song, let's have a debate over it in the comments.

In the meantime, let's take a look at the things we might by ourselves this Christmas. A fancy blazer to tie all of our looks together, perhaps? One of these 21 Christmas dresses? Oh, and you will definitely need a Christmas jumper (that's not exactly a Christmas jumper).


OR have you already done all of your Christmas shopping? Or you the type who buys everything in the January sales?! If you've got it all covered, please let us know what you got. We all need a helping hand when it comes to present shopping.

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