Pig2Twig Update: The Idiot Proof Diet #2


Have you been following Cathyfly's adventures with dieting? She's rounded up a gang of willing Beaut.ies to road-test Sunday Times writer India Knight's Pig2Twig diet, which Knight developed with her pal Neris. Both lost a whopping amount of weight on the plan, and our gals have followed suit. So, without further ado, here's update #2:


Well, our little group of Beaut.ie ‘IPD-ers’ is now nine in total with a total weight loss of almost 40lbs between us! Which isn’t bad going considering some of the group are only on their first or second week (I won’t ‘name and shame’ anyone, but I’m sure some of the girls will let you know how they’re doing in the comments).

I’m on Week five myself, and I can’t believe that not a piece of bread, nor a chip, nor a crisp, nor (most shocking) a Jelly Snake has passed my lips the whole time. The odd square of dark chocolate, and the odd (ahem) glass of wine or gin and slimline tonic at the weekend are what constitute treats for me now.

The weight is slowly coming off - a bit too flippin’ slowly for my liking but I’m aware that’s most likely down to a) Being on the diet for quite a long time before, and b) My fondness for quite the few wines of a weekend.


But I’ve lost half a stone so far, and six inches from various body parts! My skin and nails are also in great nick which must be due to all the ‘good’ fats and oils, fresh veg and water I’m taking in.

Overall I feel in control, like I’m on the right road, and that with the diet and the regular exercise I’ve made positive changes that are going to help me long-term as well as making me feel better about myself in the short term. This just feels sustainable – it’s just become ‘the way I eat’ and I definitely feel that I can keep going with Phase one until I get within a stone of my goal weight. Which is about another half a stone away – and then it’s onto Phase two and starting to re-introduce the ‘good carbs’ again.

I don’t think that includes Jelly Snakes though…sob.

(P.S. For anyone else thinking of doing this diet, you can join us at any time – just email me at piggies2twiggies at gmail dot com. Make sure you’ve read the book before you decide to get started, and it’s a good idea to clear your diary of any social events, holidays etc that might tempt you during the first two weeks to give yourself the best possible chance of success.)

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