Nutrition, diet and lifestyle tips for the New Year!

Monday is our favourite day of the week to begin a new healthy eating or exercise habit and to help us make it past Wednesday, nutritionist Paula Mee is here to give us some timely tips.  Especially since we're mid way through January and the best of resolutions may be starting to flag.  Paula puts it in perspective with her emphasis on taking it slowly and not beating yourself up if you have the odd slip.

Think about how good you'll feel
Tasty, lighter foods, more exercise and less alcohol are the focus of many, at the beginning of each New Year. To boost motivation, take time to think about the results that will follow too - like improved sleep, increased energy, a faster metabolism, better digestion, rejuvenated skin and maybe even a bit of weight loss!

Take time out for yourself
You are more than what you eat so support the process of change. Concentrate on getting to bed early at least two night of the week if you can, take a yoga class, treat yourself to a massage or sauna, try dry skin brushing or use milk thistle to help stimulate the liver (just a few drops in a glass of water is enough).

Don't diet - change your lifestyle gradually
We need to get rid of the word ‘diet’ too! It has many negative associations - think ‘lifestyle change’ instead. Do remember too that it’s what you eat most of the time that counts, so don’t worry about an occasional slip up when you’re trying to build new habits and scupper the old ones.

Making many small swaps can add up to a meaningful weight loss - try these.

  • Having a low fat breakfast cereal with milk or yoghurt instead of that roll and two sausages in the canteen is a significant start
  • Peeling two Satsumas or any fruit of your choice, is a better energy boost than chocolate snack bars or even plain biscuits with your mid-morning cup of tea
  • Improving your intake of plant-proteins like bean salads or lentil soups at lunch time can keep you more satisfied and more alert in the afternoon
  • Enjoying a handful of wasabi peas or Edamame beans as an afternoon snack instead of sugary carbs
  • Filling half your dinner plate with fresh seasonal vegetables instead of with processed carbs, can all help improve your vitamin and mineral intake as well as reduce calorie intake.

The challenge for all of us is to make small sustainable dietary changes, stay physically active, and keep enjoying life!


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