Perricone Diet

Kim Cattrall looks amazing at 49, doesn't she? Her skin is fantastic.

What's her secret?

Apparently she credits the Perricone diet with her youthful looks. Okay, so she does admit to a few shots of botox too...

The dermatologist Nicholas Perricone came up with this diet for smooth, wrinkle free skin.

In a nutshell, this is the gist of the plan:

  • Drink loads and loads of water
  • Eat lots of protein - especially fish. You can also have chicken and turkey breast and egg whites.
  • Eat healthy oils (extra virgin olive oil) and omega 3 fatty acids (from salmon, sardines etc). These are anti inflammatory and youth preserving - sounds good!
  • DON'T eat sugar and high-GI carbs such as potatoes, rice and pasta. Why? The blood sugar rush this causes can lead to the creation of age-accelerating free radicals which break down collagen. Instead eat low-GI fruits and vegetables - especially avocado.
  • Use antioxidant moisturisers with ACE vitamins, to nourish your face and body with the extra nutrients needed to "extend your youth"

And for a quick start to the plan eat fish at least twice a day for 3 days, for instant radiance. Kim reportedly eats organic salmon THREE TIMES A DAY! And it works for her!

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