POLL: One, two... OOOOH! Have YOU had a Coregasm?

Throw away your Rampant Rabbit and cancel your date with yer man with the big mickey.  Apparently doing a few sit ups at the gym might be just the thing to send you straight to heaven.

Orgasm during exercise has been reported anecdotally by women for years, so  intrepid scientists at Indiana University set out to find out if it is actually true (read the research here).  And it is.  Abdominal exercises are the most er effective - but walking, climbing and cycling also polled highly.

The magic seems to happen most often in the Captains Chair.  It's apparently well known that this masterfully named piece of equipment, which uses leg raises to crunch that tummy, offers "exciting fringe benefits" as an added extra.

Here's a picture of the Captains chair so that you can head straight to it the next time you're in the gym.  You might have to join a queue though - and make sure you wipe the seat with a towel once you're finished in case things get sweaty.


Watch The Doctors showing us what NOT to do if you ever want to have an orgasm using this method.


Even though I knew a girl who could have orgasms while running for a bus (yes really) and wasn't shy about telling the world I know many of you will be more private.  So an anonymous poll is probably the best way to go here?


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