Smoothies: The foolproof way to add vegetables and protein to your diet

How to make tasty, delicious smoothies that will fill you up but won't slow you down

I make a smoothie once or twice a week; they’re so tasty and filling and a great way to get vegetables and protein into your diet. Sometimes when busy in work if I don't get time to prep or eat a meal I'll take out the blender and make a healthy smoothie. Here are two of my favourite recipes.

Chocolaty protein smoothie

This is great after a workout when your body needs protein. If I won’t get a chance to eat for a while, I’ll go for this smoothie. I’ve used peanut butter here, but you can swap it for almond/ cashew butter. This recipe is really similar to Roz Purcell’s Natural Born Fueller smoothie which is delicious!

Super Green Smoothie

It’s important to keep our immune system charged and get all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants we need as these are what keep your body strong. Without them, you're not giving your body that edge it needs to fight off infection.


I'm a big fan of greens, I eat them with my lunch and dinner daily and sometimes even breakfast too. I also use a greens powder which is packed with nutrients and worth investing in, but it has a powerful taste. Putting something sweet like a banana into the smoothie is great if you don't like the veggie taste.

I always try to get my protein and vitamins from actual food. While they are delicious, smoothies containing protein powders and the likes are supplements and not a staple to replace meals too often.

Hope you enjoy making these!

Until next time…, Fi

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