As a self-confessed adrenalin junkie, I‘ve been itching to write a piece on sportswear - and had to have a little sulk when Rosemary beat me to it with her fabulous piece (read it here).  I found myself agreeing with everything she wrote, but luckily I also have tons more recommendations.

Here I can tell you something new, as unlike Rosemary, my heaving bosoms have no need for a high tech sports bra and can be popped into any old sports bra that basically stops the bounce. Not that mine really bounce, but you still need one.

One of the most comfortable I’ve worn is from Penneys. Nicely styled and coming in and out of the machine looking as good as new, it’s perfectly adequate for those of us less well endowed. And if you want to show off your fab sports bra, then holidays are the perfect time. All the women who run on the beach front just wear a sports bra and shorts!

Although to be honest I almost always buy sports tops with built in bras. I know these are probably worse than useless if you have boobs, but are great if you don’t, especially if it is warm in the summer, as you have one less layer.



Like Rosemary, I too have a love affair with running socks. My first introduction to them was when I bought my first pair of good runners for running and I bought a pair of One Thousand Mile Socks.

One thousand miles.

I wasn’t totally convinced that these socks would last one thousand miles of running and that if I even lived that long, that they would last that many washes too! Apparently however, this may be true. I’m a long way from one thousand miles but they are still perfect after many spins in the machine and like Rosemary, I’ve never had a blister!

So, ok they last for ages but the real magic is that wearing them is honestly, like wearing slippers when you are running. Your feet are dry and comfortable and when I’ve bought other running socks too in Aldi and Lidl and they've turned out to be almost as good. In fact any pair of running socks is better than just regular socks but the One Thousand Mile Socks are still my favourite. Wacky Sox are another brand that's getting a lot of good reviews. Have not yet bought a pair of those compression socks that everyone is getting into but people swear by them.

Now I have to tell you something here. The last time I did have a blister I was going on holidays and I was so cross because I’m one of those biatches you love to hate who actually enjoys exercising on holidays. I was really annoyed that my foot would be sore in my runners so I bought some Compeed Blister Plasters, but without much faith. Boy, was I wrong. They are just fantastic and the blister healed  without any pain and the plaster stayed on the whole time it was meant to, even after days spent on the beach and in the pool.


I'm an Asics girl but whatever brand you opt for, gait analysis is important. You really have to be properly fitted for runners before you buy your first pair at least. The staff in Elverys are really helpful. O’Neill’s Factory Shop on Longmile Road are fantastic for bargains. I brought the teens this weekend as they wanted to get some GAA gear and I was thrilled with all the running gear they had and got a pair of running pants. But best of all, I bought a pair of Asics for €65, that cost me €105 in a sale four months ago. Score!

So keep up the resolution and get your ass in gear – nice gear!

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