Stress is Linked to Weight Gain

jabbaFinding it really hard to loose weight? Nothing you try has any effect and you're puzzled why? Well, it could be as a result of stress. Contrary to popular opinion, stress doesn't necessarily cause you to loose weight (oh, if only) but it can actually cause you to gain weight, especially round the stomach.

So why is this? Chronic stress leads to persistently raised levels of cortisol in the blood. Cortisol is a hormone secreted to provide the body with extra energy. But if you're sitting at a desk all day while cortisol is surging through your bloodstream, it's easy to see what'll happen - you won't burn that excess energy off, and you'll put on weight. And studies have shown that this weight gain goes to the tummy.

That's bad enough, but we also now know that excess weight round the stomach can increase the risk of diabetes.


It's enough to MAKE you stressed!

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