Top tips for healthier and happier working day

We all know the importance of being active in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So many of us are sitting at a desk every day, often hunched in front of the computer for hours on hours.

Sometimes it’s really hard to live an active life in this atmosphere. I think that sitting for 8+ hours a day really does nothing for your health, both mentally and physically. Our bodies are designed to be active and sitting at a desk all day can cause bad posture along with poor circulation, and more. However, making these few little changes to your working day can really help.

  • Change your chair

Sitting on an exercise ball instead of a regular chair every so often is great. This will not only improve your posture, but it can also help keep your core strong. It will also keep you alert and mindful; there’s less relaxing when you are balancing on a ball! If you can’t see yourself sitting on a ball in the office because let’s face it, it’s not a realistic option for everyone, then make sure your chair is supporting your back. And don’t feel you’ve to stay sitting on it constantly for 8 hours…

  • Take a lunch break 

This might sound silly, but so many people seem to work through their lunch. Having lunch at your desk can sometimes be a good idea, but still, I think it’s important to enjoy your break and get out and go for a walk. The weather is getting so much better so it’s getting way easier. Sitting in the park, popping runners on and walking around the block or jumping on a bike for a quick spin will refresh you.


  • Take a mini break

Every so often, take a mini break. Get up and do a few squats or stretches, you will feel better and you should even be able to work harder when you get back to your desk.

  • Take the stairs

I know we all say this but if you have to go the 4th floor to see someone why not take the stairs? Getting the blood flowing through your body will help as regular exercise acts as a mood booster and energiser. Have you ever felt your mood lift after a workout, a walk or a yoga class? The exercise high doesn’t only happen after long workouts. You can feel results come from doing a little each day, during the day.

Give some of these a try, they’re worth it. A better mood will improve your day!

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