Yawn! Tired Today? You're Not Alone

We all know the feeling of waking up on Monday morning having struggled to get to sleep the night before, tossing and turning and generally faffing about. Sometimes we don't get a proper sleep at all and it's The Worst. Turns out there's good reason for it. 

A new poll, commissioned by Time4Sleep (a mattress retailer in the UK) has found that the night of the week that the majority of people have trouble getting to sleep as a result of stress is Sunday (31%) night, closely followed by Monday (23%).  Surprised?!

As for the easiest night to get to sleep, it appears to be Saturday evening (3%), as most people get a restful night ahead of a relaxing day off, if they're lucky enough to not work on the weekend. The results of the poll are as follows: 

Monday – 23%
Tuesday – 14%
Wednesday – 10.5%
Thursday – 9.5%
Friday – 9%
Saturday – 3%
Sunday – 31%

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Out of 1,019 people, the study also found that younger respondents were more likely to lose sleep, with as much 5-6 hours being lost on Sunday evening. God, we can't wait to be old. 


If you are struggling on one night in particular, then the National Sleep Foundation has a few pieces of practical advice for you to follow: 

  • Take 30 minutes before going to bed to wind down
  • Steer clear of any close range electronic devices like your phone or a laptop in that time
  • Do a relaxing activity or a breathing exercise
  • If you still can't get to sleep after 20 minutes, it's best to get out of bed and read or listen to music, or perform a breathing exercise

What nights of the week do you have the most trouble sleeping? Do you follow similar guidelines when you can't nod off? What do you think are the reasons you can't sleep?

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