Did you see Amy Huberman's perfect spring shoes?

In her typical pun-tastic style, Amy Huberman posted this pic on Instagram, and in the process put to bed that age-old dilemma: what shoes to wear in that frickin' awkward stage of spring when you want to wear big boots, but you also don't really want to because it's spring.

Shoes on a runner

A photo posted by Amy Huberman (@amy_huberman) on

These babies are the perfect colour and the perfect style - they go with everything! Except maybe a ballgown, but sure go on and try that and let us know how you get on.


Brogues are the best type of shoes anyway, they're all-weather wonders really, and you can certainly wear socks with them, but they have to be fancy socks like Amy. Yes, have to.

My shiny patent brogues made their 2016 debut this week, but now every time I wear them I'll wish they are greige and beige.

Do you do brogues?

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