Vogue Williams wears double denim and now we love it again

We like it, we don't like it, we love it, we hate it, and now we love it again. Double denim is In once more, thanks to Vogue Williams and her shorts and shirt combo. And there were we thinking that it was too late in the year for shorts. How so very wrong we were.

Vogue's shorts are the fancy types, and if we knew the style came in denim we would have bought them for our holiers. Her shirt styling is a tiny bit risqué but we lurve the necklace layering, and we wish we could rip her hair off and put it on our heads. Forget we said that.

Always wanted to be a member of B'Witched! Outfit @watsonxwatson shoes @officeshoes ?

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My favourite thing about the outfit, however, is not her denim ensemble but the leopard print shoes. I TOLD you it was a thing for autumn.

Would you rock shorts in late summer? Are you over double denim? How many buttons do you leave open on an average day?

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