Update your autumn wardrobe with this €20 massive jumper

It's October. Summer is officially gone. Ladies and gents, let's get our autumn wardrobe on!

Maybe I have a bit of an obsession. Well, there are much worse things than jumpers to obsess over, I say. I have the cold that every second person seems to have and although right at this moment I'm feeling very hot and bothered, all I want to wear is a material hug.

I've written about how the huge jumper is a huge trend this autumn/winter before. And I'll write about it again. As long as they're in stores, I'll be sniffing out the biggest and best ones. I love this one from & Other Stories, but at €89, it's more of an investment piece when you're on a budget.

So, to start off my collection, I'll be picking up this one from Zara. It's black, so it suits my current cold-infected mood. And the fringe detail; well, it stops it from being just another black jumper.

zara jumper autumn wardrobe

Zara €19.95

My favourite thing about this jumper is the price. You usually pay more for such a lot of material.

How's your jumper collection looking?

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