The perfect €30 work trousers you can definitely wear outside the office

I often write about work clothes and I often write about trends. This pair of work trousers covers both bases.

I've said it many times before, but I'll reiterate. My work wardrobe is pretty much the same as my play wardrobe. The reason for this is the casual dress code in Beaut HQ - a blessing and a curse. I would hate to have to dress corporately every day, but I also believe in compartmentalising. When you dress the same for work as you do in your free time, you can't switch off in that psychologically important way.

See the skirt every influencer will be wearing this spring.

I have tried to put more effort into my work-wear, but the effort wears off when it's so much easier to just put on some runners and jeans. However, because I've found this new pair of work trousers and everyone knows that the new year really starts in February, it's time to start again.



These work trousers are black and slimline - so far, so very work-y. But they also have that nice 'vent', as Zara calls it, at the hem. This small but important details sets them - and you - aside at work. They say, "Yes, I do take my job seriously, but I'm the exact same as all you rats in the race. Similar, sure, but not the exact same."


Vented Straight-Leg Trousers €29.95

If you really want to stand out at work, in a sartorial sense, you would wear wide-leg pants in a colour that isn't black. These trousers are for a hint at the individual, and a touch of trend.

You can wear them a million ways outside of work, too. They had a Maya from Pulp Fiction vibe about them, so would look good with flats or sandals and a simple white shirt. In summer, we'll wear with a vest-top (they're going to be everywhere this year), with strappy sandals for that early '00s thing.

Do you like to look a little bit different at work, even if it's just a smidge? It's those little details that count.

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