Here's that perfect leather jacket you've been looking for

Everyone needs a leather jacket in their permanent wardrobe. If you don't have one already, we've found the one that you've been searching for.

Of course, it's from Zara. Every spring/summer season, without fail, Zara drops new leather jackets because, well, it's what they do. I remember buying my first (and only) one. I was lucky enough to buy it in the sale, but this one won't break the bank at €99, especially when you consider the cost per wear.

It's pretty much perfect. It has zips and belt details but not too many. It's a minimalist leather jacket which is the best kind because it will last longer.



zara leather jacket

Leather Biker Jacket €99.95

This week is apparently going to be very, very cold, so it's the best time to buy your leather jacket. People generally don't buy items of clothes like this when the weather doesn't suit. I got a load of woolly jumpers in last summer's sales because no one could contemplate wearing something like them in the heat. Planning for the future sometimes pays off. When the temperatures start to go up again, I'll be wearing my leather jacket (that is very similar to the one above) with a big old blanket scarf.

If the €99 version doesn't do it for you, or your looking for something that you can wear right now, check out the €150 version. It's pretty much the same thing but oversized, so you can wear all the layers underneath.

zara oversized leather jacket

Zara Oversized Leather Jacket €149

AND, if you like the first suggestion, but €99 is above your budget, Zara has a €40 version that will do the job quite nicely. What's more, it's faux leather, which will be pleasing to some for sure.

Faux Leather Biker Jacket €39.95 

Do you own a leather jacket, faux or otherwise? Do you think it's a wardrobe essential?

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