Best Dressed of the Year, June: The €35 dress on a Champagne lifestyle

The dress that nearly broke the Beaut machine

When we told you that Vogue Williams wore a dress from Pretty Little Things, you went wild. In fact, this story was one of the most read of the year.

In fairness to her, Vogue is one of those people who could literally wear a plastic bag and make it look good. She'd probably wrap a diamond belt around it or something. But she does prove that you can wear a budget dress to a blowout event and make it work. Think about that next time everyone's going to Coast for their wedding guest outfit, but you don't have that kind of money to spend.

A bit of moxie and nice accessories go a long way. Good hair helps too. So, that's why Vogue is our best dressed of June.



And the best thing is, you can still buy it! In four different shades.

In case you missed the best dressed of the last five months of the year, here's January, February, MarchApril, and May.

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