11 new pieces to get over your Blue Monday funk

Blue Monday may be a concept made up to sell things but we're still engaging in some retail therapy.

Today is Blue Monday. It's apparently the most depressing day of the year. Your bank balance is low. The weather is shit. And marketers needed yet another excuse to sell things so they made it up. There's no scientific backing as to why the third Monday of the year is so glum, but, in fairness, it kind of is.

Christmas is a brief memory by now. Summer is oh, so very far away. The regret over spending so much money over the silly season is palpable. So, we're turning to the high street for some solace. I'm fully aware that spending more money is counter-intuitive to the problem, but sometimes you've got to spend money to, eh, feel better. When you look good, you feel good and all that.

Because of the day that's in it, the theme for this week's 'new things' list is, surprisingly, blue.



Cable Knit Sweater €29.95

New Look

Pale Blue Linen-Look Button Up Midi Skirt €24.99

River Island

Blue Faux Suede Court Shoes €55


Pleated Dress €39.99


Tie-Back Ruffle Dress €64


Blue Floral Shirt €13


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