These are the boots you wish you were wearing right now

Boots are an autumn staple, but you don't want to wear suede stiletto ones when it's hell outside. No, you want to wear these.

I don't know how the weather is where you are right now, but if you're anywhere in Ireland today, it's bad. And by bad I mean wet and dark. My third-year geography teacher used to say that there's no such thing as 'bad weather' because the crops needed to grow and all that, but if you have to get from A to B in a city full of narrow streets and huge umbrellas, I think you'd disagree. (She also used to spell atmosphere with an 'h' after the 't', so we tended not to agree with anything she said. Paris is in Italy, right?)

Anyway, we're Irish, so we are allowed to complain about 'bad weather'. And because we're Irish, we can get away with being unprepared for it because, in fairness, it was lovely yesterday and probably will be again tomorrow. Even if Evelyn promises the sun will shine, we know that Poseiden controls our weather fate and he has a beef with the Emerald Isle for some reason.

This autumn, however, we can be prepared every day because big black chunky boots are back and they will look good with your outfit rain or shine.

Ask Olivia Palermo.

She also wore them to the Markus Lupfer presentation with a long navy floaty dress and looked a-ok hand emoji.

The boots du jour are big, black and flat. Olivia's are shiny and lace-up, and we're copying her with a pair of classic Docs in a patent finish.

doc marten boots

Dr Martens Modern Classics €148.64

You can find big chunky flat matte versions in Zara.

Zara €79.95

Zara €79.95

The other option is to go all Jennifer Connelly on it and opt for a pair with a heel. The face of Louis Vuitton has been obsessed with her pair since 2016, wearing them everywhere. And we can't blame her.

jennifer connelly louis vuitton bootsWe've found a pair in River Island that will do this job.

river island boots


And they're patent!

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