Wedding Bells: 9 bridesmaid dresses that cost under €100

Bridesmaid dress shopping is a chore - don't let it be a financial burden! There are so many lovely bridesmaid dresses available that won't break your budget

This time last year, I had just under three months to go to my wedding. Obviously, I was leaving most details to the very last minute and right about now, a year ago, I was having a panic attack over bridesmaid dresses. My wedding didn't have a theme or particular colour scheme but the umbrella term to describe it would be 'City Wedding', because, eh, that's where it all took place.

I took a notion one day that I wanted all three dresses to complement each other, but not be the same. I brought a bridesmaid to a boutique, made her try on all three different gowns and then bought them all. They were all lovely but quite expensive and way over what I should have paid. We were on a very strict budget, but I was panicking and therefore panic buying. Long story short, I calmly logged into my ASOS dress, serendipitously happened upon three dresses that were a) on sale b) available in all the maids' sizes and c) fit in perfectly with the non-theme. I returned the expensive dresses the next day.

If your wedding is this year and you're in the same leaky boat that I was in, don't worry. I'll let you into a little secret: many, many brides choose bridesmaid dresses that cost less than €100. Many, many choose dresses that cost less than €50. Nobody can tell the difference because there are so many good, purse-friendly ones available. But now is the time to buy them. It's January, so you might get a great bargain, and it's also almost wedding season again, so there will be plenty of choice.

Here are a few gorgeous ideas I found earlier.


asos bridesmaid dress

ASOS TFNC WEDDING Sateen Bow Back Maxi Dress €67.57

iclothing bridesmaid dress

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