If you only buy one bag this summer make it this one

This is the summer staple straw bag but condensed. And elevated. Both at the same time

Last year, straw baskety beach bags were all the rage. This year, they are even more commonplace, so go get yours for a fiver in Penneys and make like a French Girl. I am being serious, straw beach bags are really handy and will go with all your summer outfits.

BUT - it doesn't count; it's practically a necessity. The bag you should buy just because it's stylish and pretty is this one from Zara. It costs a bit more than the straw tote from Penneys, but look at it - it's lovely.



The cross-over style is perfect for those summer days when you are dashing from brekkie to BBQ to drinks outside. The basket element means it's really season-appropriate without being a bright or pastel colour (although if you like that sort of thing...) but the chain strap and clasp detail class it up.

It's a gorgeous little phone, lipstick and whatever else holder. It will go with all your outfits too - and it will summer up an all-black ensemble with a sling of the strap.

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