Comfort & Joy! Your Christmas Day Outfit Guide

What do you do on Christmas day? Me, I drown in the tin of Roses from the neighbours, while drinking a Baileys coffee followed by the whole side of smoked salmon that is only bought for Christmas. And that's just before dinner. Dinner is a whole other topic.

But one thing I do do on Christmas Day is try my best to look nice. We have a small family, just Mum, Dad, me and my sister and our little family always have a snug Christmas, but I never compromise on style. And I like to plan ahead. So here are my Christmas Day style tips!

  • Comfort comes first

Skirt, €14, Penneys Skirt, €14, Penneys

Yes your clothes need to be comfortable, that's a given, but wearing skin tight jeans or a high waisted pencil skirt aren't always conducive to the safe digestion of ten roast potatoes and second helpings of turkey. I tend to go for jersey cotton skirts on Christmas day that are smart, but always dinner friendly on my tum!

  • Ban those heels!

Printed shoe, €95 and Patent court shoe, €105 both from Dune Printed shoe, €95 and Patent court shoe, €105 both from Dune

I stay in my ballerina flats all day as I subject my feet to enough torture every other day of the year. If you are cooking dinner or looking after the guests on Christmas day, avoid the stilettos and wear a small block heel to support your feet and back.

  • Layering up

My Dad always lights the fire and the house tends to get quite warm. Then coupled with the extreme heat in the kitchen, it can get a bit like a sauna, so I avoid chunky knits and heavy fabrics. Opt for layers; blouses and tops under a chic cardi that you can take off as you warm up!

  • Popping out?

Gloves, €16.95, Carraig Donn Gloves, €16.95, Carraig Donn

If you are leaving the house on Christmas Day to visit your nearest and dearest, make sure you bring a hat, scarf and your warmest coat for heading home later that evening. Heat can escape from your head quickly, so by keeping your head warm, the rest of you can stay cosy too. Leather gloves are a lovely chic stocking filler to wear with your Winter coat (add those to your Christmas list as a last minute addition!)

So tell us, what's your favourite Christmas Day look? Have you treated yourself to something new, or recycling an oldie but a goodie? Do tell!

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