7 new high street skirts that look high-end

These new high street skirts will trick everyone. Anyone can buy them, but they'll make you look like the high-end lady you're meant to be.

As we step away from the cult of fast fashion, we wish to invest in 'forever' pieces. This, unfortunately, is easier aspired to than done. Forever pieces, in my eyes, are proper investment pieces. This means they will likely cost a pretty penny. Most of us can't afford to be saving for such frivolous items as pants and dresses (more's the pity), so, until we win the Lotto or Brexit turns in our favour (lol), we turn to the next best thing - the high-quality high street.

Many high street stores are creating lines that are a step above the normal collections. The H&M Studio Collection is one, and ASOS DESIGN is another. As well as that, high street stores are producing sustainable and organic clothing that is slightly more expensive than the usual fare, but better for the world all round.

The first skirt I came across that inspired this post was H&M's draped Zebra print mini skirt. I can imagine a (mainland) European influencer wearing this in summer with sandals and a t-shirt. I can also see a new-gen model wearing it Out Out with strappy sandals and a plain black tank. It has sex appeal but also a sense of making the wearer look expensive, which is the name of this game.

The pieces I've chosen aren't all from high street 'quality' lines. They do, however, have qualities that make them look more expensive than they are. The colour palettes make a big difference, and the materials - like tweed, suede and leather - give the pieces that air of sophistication. Details, too, like buttons and the Mango cow-print, save them from being too 'safe'. Expensive people take risks - and so shall all of us.



Brown Mixed Button Pencil Skirt 76


Draped Skirt €69.99



Tweed Skirt with Rhinestone Buttons €49.95

Dunnes Stores

Michael Mortell Suede Skirt €150


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