This €45 Dunnes Stores work dress is SO Chanel

This €45 dress from Dunnes Stores reminds us of Chanel - and it's also something Elle Woods would totally wear.

I came across this dress a couple of days ago and immediately liked it. But I didn't know if I'd ever wear it. I slept on it and came back to it today, and it turns out I love it and want to be wearing it right now. At first, I thought it was 'too pink' but pink is having a renaissance, and it's actually cool now. Back in 2001 when Legally Blonde was released, Elle Woods was the opposite of cool, but this is something she'd wear in a totally different way in 2019.

The tweed look and boxy cut draw inevitable comparisons with Chanel's classic style (wear it as a homage to Karl Lagerfeld if you need an excuse). For going out, we would style it like a Miu Miu girl; we'd get rid of the shoulder bow, put our hair in a high bun and wear chunky black platforms.

The dusty pink shade is also extremely Instagram friendly. Imagine posing in this dress on a street with white Georgian houses and leafy trees? 1000 likes guaranteed.

Dunnes Stores

dunnes stores work dress


Savida Tweed Dress €45

If this particular Dunnes Stores dress isn't exactly your thing, they have this other striking number that would set you apart from all the other bosses at work (whether you're a boss or not). It's from the Lennon Courtney collection, and it's double the price but think of the impression you'll make! It also has a designer influence; I think it's very Victoria Beckham from a few seasons ago when she was still being influenced by Herve Leger. Does that make this a future wardrobe staple? Quite possibly.

Lennon Courtney at Dunnes Stores Yellow Event Dress €99

Would you wear one or both or neither?

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