Emma Watson wore a white dress to her premiere and you'll want it for your wedding

Emma Watson is putting her Disney princess days behind her, becoming a 5th Avenue bride instead

She's an actor, an ambassador and yes, Emma Watson can now definitely be called a style icon. We had an inkling it would happen after following her Beauty and the Beast press tour on Instagram, where she documented what she wore at each stop. We wish she'd kept it up as her new movie does the rounds because it looks like her style is changing to reflect the film she's in.

In The Circle, Emma plays a tech worker at a big internet company and all sorts of sinister high jinx ensue. On the red carpet, she plays a confident young woman who doesn't leave white to brides. The connection between movie and real life is modernity; she's not going to turn up in a yellow ballgown for this screening.

Here she is, in a gúna we could see Charlotte from Sex and the City in on her third, very chic wedding. The organic silk (of course) Burberry number is elegant and refined and would be perfect for an urban bride.



The off the shoulder design is sexy with a hint of demure (there's nothing 'reality star' about Emma). Her makeup is gorgeous and low-key (as is her hair) and a terrific little detail is the choker necklace. So thin and delicate but also a little daring. Mark our words, it's the next big accessory trend.

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