Bags Of Style: Wanna See What A FOUR MILLION Dollar Handbag Looks Like? And High Street Picks That Win The Battle Of The Bags

Someone in the West of Ireland picked up their Euromillions Lotto win of €15 million yesterday.

I have great news for them - with today's conversion rate, they'll be able to buy six and a bit of The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purses with their winnings. This baby (last pic in our gallery) retails for the cool sum of just under four million dollars. Sure, we'll all get one.

Many women love arm candy (I'm talking purses here, not gentlemen), and the high street is holding its own in the battle of the bags. A recent study by consumer research company Mintel, showed more than half of women in the UK have bought at least one new handbag in the last year, with 21% buying a bag just to match an outfit.

And a staggering £1.2 billion was spent on handbags alone in the UK last year. My little brain can barely comprehend the number of glittery Claire's Accessories' purses that would equate to.


So if you see a man, woman or child in Castlebar sporting a blinged-up, heart-shaped purse, you might just have found the Euromillions winner. Or maybe just a very savvy high street shopper.

Where do you stand on high street versus high end in the battle of the bags? Have you ever saved up to buy an expensive purse or would you rather pick one up on the high street? How much would spend on a bag? And does anyone know if the Lotto winners will buy me a new clutch?

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