Hurry! You only have a couple of weeks to wear THE summer-autumn ensemble

To say this summer was summer summer would be a lie. We have pretty much the same weather as the Australians are having right now, and it's winter over there.

We did, of course, have a couple of good days. Even Donegal had one or two shiners, but it's days like those that you go all out holiday-wear. There's no time for a carefully considered outfit when there's sunbathing and beer garden drinking to be done. The tail end of summer and September often (I'm not going to go there and predict an Indian summer) produce some of the nicest days, weather-wise, of the year. Because it's likely (again, I'm not a weather oracle), we can have a few chic-cool outfits in reserve.

Early autumn weather is way easier to dress for than heatwave weather, but there's a brief timeframe for combining summer and autumn style. Blogger Erika Fox aka Retro Frame did it perfectly.

Shorts, a plain white tee, a not-work blazer and embellished slides. Done. You probably have all the ingredients for this gorge summer-autumn ensemble already, but if not, shop the look below.

topshop blazer summer-autumn

Blazer - Topshop €390

new look shorts summer-autumn

Shorts - New Look €24.99

penneys t-shirt summer-autumn

Penneys €8

zara slides summer-autumn

Zara €39.95

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