It's Spring - but it's still freezing! Toughen up your Spring wardrobe to cope

Yesterday was the vernal equinox, marking the astronomical start of Spring 2013, but it looks like no-one told Spring about it.

Winter has been painfully slow to shag off this year, with confused animals rolling over for a second hibernation when they see that it's still pelting snow and bemused shoppers finding bikinis in place of fleece-lined tights.

Not everyone lets a little thing like single digit temperatures put them off their sartorial spring stride: I've already spotted some determined bare-ankled ladies around town, apparently impervious to the chill. More power (and maybe a box of Lemsip) to them.

I'll be keeping my ankles under wraps a while longer, I think, given how unpredictable “spring” in this part of the world tends to be. Sure there was one afternoon last week when all the key weather markers from each season put in an appearance over a matter of mere hours. If there's a little voice in your head that says things like “cast ne'er a clout 'til May be out” and the mere thought of going out without a hat and scarf is enough to bring on a chest infection, well, meet your sister. Here's my strategy for getting some semblance of spring on - without freezing my arse off.

Chelsea ankle boots, £60 // Biker boots, £65, both River Island

Trading knee-highs for ankle boots ensures that feets stay warm and dry while staving off the overheating associated with a sudden burst of actually warm sunshine, or going into shops and restaurants where the radiators are consistently cranked up to eleven.

Coat, €80, Dunnes Stores // Cardigan, €40, A|wear

It'll be months before I'll consider a blazer to be an appropriate outermost layer, so for me a coat is a must to keep the kidneys warm. I'll be clinging to my padded winter numbers for a while yet, but this one from Dunnes looks like it'll be a good option for when things warm up a teeny tiny bit and has at least three key SS13 trends going for it. (Sadly, there will be no prizes for correctly guessing them all.)


Fine knits are perfect for layering under blazers and jackets (which in turn are layered under coats, if you're like me) adding warmth without bulk. I'm partial to a bit of yellow at the best of times; I wonder if this sunshine-y cardi could do anything to coax the sun out of hiding?

Pintuck lace blouse, €46.75 // Pug print blouse, €46.75, both ASOS

Long-sleeved blouses rock my world at this time of year because they look dressy but are easy peasy to wear over vest tops and under multiple other layers without looking untidy.

At this point I have to show you a close-up of the print on the right because it is so ridiculously cute.

See? PUGS! [EDIT: I have to agree with reader Fiona, who has commented that they look more like French Bulldogs.Or maybe Boston Terriers..? Er, DOGS, anyways!]

Blue leopard print, €5.95 // Red leopard print, €14.95 // Coral geometric print, €12.95, all H&M


Scarves are a year-round must where my stupid every-little-sniffle-devolves-into-an-infection chest is concerned. At least there are lots of fab options in gorgeous colours and not-too-heavy fabrics about at the moment so I can look springy while being all wrapped up.

How are you coping with the on again/off again spring?

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