OK, this is the LAST thing we're buying for the most stylish Christmas ever

This one piece will complete all of our festive outfits giving us the most stylish Christmas ever.

I wasn't supposed to drop into the shops because I have banned myself from spending money. But last Saturday is was raining and windy and I was passing a Zara. What was I supposed to do? Carry on getting battered by Storm Deirdre? It was eerily quiet, for a Saturday afternoon in the middle of Christmastime, quiet enough for everything to be in its right place and to not trip over all the shoes and scarves. I saw it when I was walking out of the shop, the piece that I had been looking for all my life.

It's this perfect faux fur coat that looks and feels expensive but is, in fact, only €60.



zara faux fur coat

Double-Breasted Faux Fur Coat €59.99

I tried it on and it instantly made me look, just, more. I didn't buy it because I was on my way to three parties (I think last Saturday was the busiest day of the year for social engagements), but I've been thinking about it since. I'm having one last trip into town before I head home to the west for Christmas - and this is coming back with me.

If you already have a faux fur coat or you're not into a full coat of fur, Zara also has these delicious big faux fur scarves.

This is my favourite (I'd wear it with a leather jacket) but at €50, it's almost as much as the coat!

faux fur scarf zara

Striped Faux Fur Scarf €49.95

There's a very funky multi-coloured version available, too, and it's only €20!

Multicoloured Striped Faux Fur Scarf €19.95

Let's be straight, if there's any good time to wear faux fur it's this time. It just gives your outfit an extra lift. Do you like the coat? Are you surprised at the price? Or are you a scarf person yourself?

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