Our Top Fashion Rules That You Are Allowed to Break!

I've been doing a lot of research lately for a fashion project I am working on, and it involves breaking rules. Now nothing that's going to land us in trouble or anything compromising, but rather the fun kind of rule breaking. Over my career to date I have heard so many myths about what you can and cannot do when it comes to fashion, and honestly, it's getting a bit tired.

Fashion is for experimentation and trying something new to create a look that fits your personal tastes and likes. At the end of the day, you want to look in the mirror and feel good in your clothes; we need to look forward to wearing what we have in our wardrobes. What we like to wear doesn't have to be the latest trends, it might just be something we like. And that's the most important thing. So what about these rules, huh? Do we have to live by them? Absolutely not, I say. So here goes the breaking bit.

1. You cannot, must not, wear navy with black

Reece, Amanda and Jessie breaking the navy and black rule! Reece, Amanda and Jessie breaking the navy and black rule!

The biggest myth in the book. In fact, the combination is one of my favourite ways of colour blocking. When it comes to dark colours there is very little to distinguish them. In fact, because they can look similar in different light, who's to know anyway?

But typically, the navy/black combo has been a firm fashion favourite. Take a pair of black tapered trousers, and add a light fabric navy blouse, stick on some nude heels and you have a fabulous office look. I even own a Zara blazer that's navy with a black lapel and I wear a black t-shirt under it. H&M even had navy and black palazzo pants in their SS15 Studio collection. So this one is a moot point!

2. Sandals and socks must never be combined

Fearne Cotton seen outside BBC Radio 1 studios Featuring: Fearne Cotton Where: London, United Kingdom When: 16 Feb 2015 Credit: WENN.com Fearne rocking the sandal/sock combo!

Ah the street style bloggers might have something to say about this one. A trend that I spotted at many a fashion week so it is. Platform sandals worn with either flared jeans or midi a-line skirts, worn with, yep, ankle socks.


In a practical sense, I like the idea of wearing socks with high heel sandals in winter to get more wear out of them. Then the whole 70s thing came back, and a high platform heel (in suede!) with some wide leg trousers was all the rage. This one is more for the fearless fashionista, but it works.

3. Prints do not go together

Laura nails it! Laura nails it!

Ah this one is a pet hate of mine! The catwalk went mad for clashing prints and when it's done right, then it's a fashion statement and not a faux pas! The key rule is that there has to be colours common to both prints to make them aligned and more of a complement to each other than an outright clash.

Take a floral print and a blue breton stripe. Once there is a blue in the floral print, then the two work. It's definitely one to try with an accessory as a way to practice. Try wearing a printed bag with a different style to a print in your outfit.

4. Sequins are for the evening

Kylie's jacket and jeans would so work during the day with some trainers or some ballet flats!  Kylie's jacket and jeans would so work during the day with some trainers or some ballet flats!

A few seasons ago Penneys had an absolute gem of a chiffon sweatshirt that was adorned with sequins. I loved it. It might have seemed like a nighttime top, but with some denims and a blazer or leather jacket and runners, it was a very urban, style blog inspired outfit.


For daytime. The sequins may be a bit bright but your clothes are for wearing, so try and style something you typically keep for evening time, in a more casual way. This way you get to wear your clothes more. I tend to take everything I haven't worn for a few months out of the wardrobe, lie them out on the bed and see how I can restyle to try and love them again, before we part ways. It's amazing what you can create with what you already have.

So beauties, could you break some of these rules? Or have you other fashion rules you've heard of that you just can't handle? Share!

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