Top Three Prints on the High Street Right Now

Oh print, it's everywhere at the moment. The second you walk into a shop, there it is in all it's summery glory. Maxi dresses in paisley print with tropical print bikinis with big straw hats perfectly merchandised beside them, geometric print trousers and lots and lots of FLOWERS.

We cannot escape the symbol of summer fashion. It happens every year. But if this is a recurring trend, we need to figure out how we style it now and forever. So I've put together my top three summer prints and some ways to wear to help you get the look! 

  • Florals

floral prints Jacket, €30 and Dress, €24 both from

Florals are the most popular of prints. I am not a big fan personally as they can be a bit too cute for me, but I found ways to wear that adds the edge I love so much.

This wrap jacket is super flattering as the fabric is loose and it can be tied whatever way you like. The main colours are white, red, navy and turquoise so style the other pieces you wear with these colours, or even a dark denim.

The all over look with a summer dress is a good one for occasions and a popular choice for weddings from what I have seen. If you are going for this aesthetic, keep all your accessories to a minimum. Nude shoes are also my personal choice for a vibrant print. 

  • Geometric

Maxi dress, €75, Warehouse; Top, TBC Maxi dress, €75, Warehouse; Top, TBC

This is the complex one. There is a lot going on, so much so, it can make you a bit nauseous. So with this, less is definitely more.

With the maxi I think the print needs breaking up, so add a denim jacket for something casual but smart. For the top, same rules apply for geometric as they do to floral. Keep it to one piece. This look is a bit more street style inspired depending on how you style it.

Try this top with cropped trousers or culottes in a cream shade and some open toe sandals. Pretty for date night! 

  • Stripes

Jacket, €30, Boohoo; Shorts, €39.95, Zara Jacket, €30, Boohoo; Shorts, €39.95, Zara

The one we fear the most! Gah, the dreaded stripe. Why oh why has fashion land done this to us. Ok, slightly dramatics from me there, but they are not the easiest print to wear.

Key point to note: vertical stripes are the very very important. They can elongate, unlike their partner the horizontal stripe. So try out tops and trousers (trousers work best) to get this look. And as always, every thing else needs to be simple. 


Have you a favourite print? Or, is there one you loathe that needs to be banished to fashion hell? Share you views!

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