POLL! Flatform Shoes: Gorgeous or Gick?

I write the following with an air of caution; those who are big fans of the current rubbery 'flatform' shoe trend will probably think me a footwear philistine but I'm sorry. I. Just. Don't. Get it.

uglyshoes1 Boohoo.com

Am I the only one who finds these shoes really rather hideous? They are EVERYWHERE.

They're metallic and futuristic one minute, or their plastic and see through or white and perspex the next - all with big, thick, platform soles. Perhaps its because I recently had my big toe crushed within an inch of its life under someone else's right foot who happened to be wearing a pair. Or perhaps there's something wrong with my fashion taste buds. Either way, I'm genuinely starting to worry that maybe I'm lacking in some sort of sartorial gene. I know it's all subjective, but don't they look a little like corrective shoes?

I'm just going to refer to them as the 'ugly shoes' from now on, because trying to describe them aesthetically is just too damn difficult.

uglyshoes2 Boohoo.com

And what about the see-through jelly sandals, aren't they the sort of thing we used to wear as little girls? Something you'd wear on pain of death whilst frolicking at the beach to make sure you didn't step on anything yucky or wind up with a boo-boo on your toesies? And WHY are they worn with white socks?

Shoe shopping has since become the most disheartening of activities as the shelves of all my favourite shops are now packed full of these Baby Spice-esque monstrosities.


uglyshoes3 Topshop.com

If I even came around to the notion of wearing a pair (I don't know, maybe I'll wake up from some rare coma having entirely lost my sartorial senses), I don't think I own a single thing that I could wear with them. What do they go with? How are your feet supposed to look pretty in them?

ugly4 Office.co.uk

Perhaps I could throw a '70s themed party to warrant donning a pair and justify how expensive some of these shoes can cost.

Asos.com Asos.com

Is this a trend that's here to stay? Are you a fan? Are am I a pariah in shoe land?


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