Wedding guest outfit ideas to suit everyone

Deciding what to wear to a wedding is no easy feat. Do you go with a dress (that you may never wear again) and spend a fortune on shoes and accessories to match? Well, I don't think you need to. We've had lots of requests from readers recently looking for advice on the perfect wedding outfit that won't make your bank manager have a coronary. And, I promise none are frumpy, too skimpy or flimsy. I have seen them all in real life!Firstly,

Firstly, shape is a key thing when it comes to dresses. If the whole '50s thing isn't to your liking (the full skirt isn't great on me I have to say, I have too much hip) then try more of an A-line or skater skirt that have a lot more movement and will glide down your hips rather than sit right on them.

Also, look for dresses that have a defined waist to flatter your shape which is the place that tends to be the narrowest. When it comes to length, heels aren't always necessary but they do elongate our legs, especially if you are planning on wearing a longer length.

Both from M&S Both from M&S

Take the two dresses above from M&S which are both under €100. The blue one has the most incredible cut with a cinched in waist, pocket detail and a midi length. It's like, how many trends can you get into one dress? The navy shade means you can add some colour with accessories and shoes too.

If you prefer something more detailed, the pink one is a dead ringer for Self-Portrait which are usually priced at well over €250. This one has all the same traits, except the fabric is a little less structured so it hangs nicely. It's something you can wear on a night out if you swap the heels for some black ankle boots and leather jacket. Talk about value for money, huh?


Monsoon, €135 Monsoon, €135

Another thing to keep note of is opting for a more understated dress that you can wear to any other occasion over the year. This dress from Monsoon sits just at the knee and has a delicate, pretty print that isn't too over the top. Get out the nude heels for this one and wrap a pashmina over yourself to give you some warmth.

What I love most about this dress is not its versatility, but it's silhouette. The subtle empire line is super flattering for anyone who has a narrower top than as it adds shape. And we all love a dress with a sleeve, I wish there were more of them. As the dress has some detail, you don't need to flood it with accessories either. Keep it all pared back.

Topshop, available in store this Spring (will be under €100) Topshop, available in store this Spring (will be under €100)

If classic is more your thing, then an LBD will serve you well. The shape of this one from Topshop is unusual, but still flattering. The high neck is super on trend, and will take you through to a winter wedding if you have one coming up.

So take it from me, you can nab yourself a perfectly good wedding guest outfit. Have you got a wedding coming up? Have you planned your outfit?

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