We've found a €35 version of Holly Willoughby's £550 top

Everything Holly Willoughby wants to wear, her fans want to copy. But only TV presenters can afford a £550 top they'll wear once

Today's Holly Willoughby This Morning Outfit wasn't a hit with her otherwise adoring fans. They didn't like the length of the trousers (M&S) or the boots (Topshop). But they liked the top. Except that all was not quite well in that department either, sadly. For the top isn't a high street hero, it's by British designer brand Suzannah and it costs the same as a flight to New York. It's made from Italian silk.

If I worked in The City, this type of top would form a large chunk of my wardrobe. It's elegant and versatile and more interesting than a plain white shirt. But only the Jessica Pearsons of this world can afford such luxuries. So it's off to Dorothy Perkins with us.


Dorothy Perkins €35

It most certainly is not made of silk, but wear with a pair of cropped wide-legged pants and boots and you've got the exact same idea.

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