I wore this new €20 dress last Saturday and got so many compliments

Paying €20 for compliments a Zara dress is €20 well spent!

I spend a good portion of my day trawling online shops for things to wear. It's part of the job, and it's turned me into a total shopaholic. I bought these boots from Littlewoods I wrote about (and wear them all the time); I bought this Marc Jacobs bag (it was reduced!). And even though I didn't write about this Zara piece, I came across it on my online style travels on Friday, popped over to the shops on my lunch break and bought the last one in my size.

zara dress


I was at a dear friend's hen party on Saturday. The theme was 'wine'. Best theme ever, I know, and it meant we could wear whatever we liked. But with no dress code, well, what to wear? I wore the dress, with the Littlewoods boots, incidentally. It's one of those dresses you can wear without jewellery because the embellishment speaks for itself, so I just popped in a pair of hooped earrings. The t-shirt style is obviously so easy and comfortable to wear. It's mainly black, too, and that's always a failsafe.


zara dress hen party

With my sister, also enjoying the wine theme. Those shoes. 

When in doubt, an embellished bird print always works.

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