Zara's 5 perfect work dresses for when you want to look professional but it's roasting

Zara is the (nice and air-conditioned) place to visit for work dresses that you don't have to wear black tights with

Dressing for the office is a challenge at the best of times, especially when you want to maintain at least a hint of your personal style. It's worse when the weather is nice because work wear and warmth are sworn enemies. While Zara's work dresses aren't exactly corporate, they look dressy enough for you to be taken seriously and if your boss doesn't understand why you need to wear a lovely floaty dress to work when it's over 20 degrees, you need a new boss.

Obviously, because it's summer and summer days - real summer days - are few and far between, the dresses you wear to work need to be multi-wearable. Meaning, of course, they need you to look right in place when you're sitting on a terrace sipping prosecco. Because that's the most important thing, right?


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zara work dresses 3

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