10 Affordable Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands You Can Find In Shops

There are plenty of affordable cruelty-free beauty brands available in the shops, did you know these 10 brands are among them?


1. Collection

Best known for their infamous lasting perfection concealer, Collection can be found in most Boots or Superdrug shops.

Their lasting perfection range is great value for the price and it has a fairly decent shade range for an affordable brand.


2. Simple

Simple is a great affordable skincare brand with products available for normal, sensitive, dry and acne-prone skin.

Their sheet masks are a personal favourite, especially the ultra-calming sheet mask.

Like Collection, Simple is available in most Superdrug and Boots shops.


3. Essence

Essence is a very underrated makeup brand, their blushes, highlighters and especially their mascaras are incredible quality for the price.

Their The False Lashes Mascara has been my go-to for a few years now.

You can usually find it in the beauty section of Penney's.


4. Catrice

Catrice is another underrated makeup brand that can be found in Penney's.

Their lip liners are a favourite among beauty influencers and their highlighting eyeshadows are a personal favourite of mine.


5. The Ordinary

The Ordinary is an award-winning skincare brand that is definitely worth the hype.

They have an amazing range of affordable skincare products that are available in Boots, Arnotts, Brown Thomas, & Other Stories and select pharmacies.



6. Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution have great eyeshadow palettes and their Conceal and Define foundation which is a favourite of many has an incredible shade range for an affordable brand.

It can be found in Superdrug and select pharmacies.


7. NYX

NYX is a good all-round makeup brand, with their lip products and jumbo eye pencils being their most popular and notable products.

Their Butter Glosses and Matte Setting Spray are personal favourites of mine.

NYX is available in Boots, Superdrug and Arnotts.


8. Sleek

Sleek is one of the best affordable makeup brands for contour, highlight and blush products.

Their Face Contour Kit and Highlighter Palettes are bestsellers and can be found in Boots, Superdrug and select pharmacies.


9. E.L.F

ELF is another good all-round beauty brand.

Not only do they sell amazing makeup but they also have great skincare products too.

ELF can be found in Boots and bigger Penney's shops.


10. Carter Beauty

Carter Beauty is a fabulous Irish makeup brand that sells gorgeous eyeshadow brands, their Warm Velvet palette being a bestseller and personal favourite of mine.

It can be found in Penney's and select pharmacies.



Did you know all of these brands were cruelty-free? 

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