4 Sustainable Beauty Brands You Can Make The Switch To

It's difficult to try and be environmentally friendly with your beauty products so here are 4 sustainable beauty brands you can make the switch to if you're trying to do your bit for the environment.

Ren Skincare

Ren is a brand committed to providing clean products that are both great for the skin and the planet. Their goal is to be a zero-waste company by 2021 and they have already made huge strides to achieving this goal.

All of their products are packaged in recycled cardboard boxes and the branding is printed using vegetable ink.

Many of the pumps for the products are recyclable as long as you dismantle and clean them beforehand.

They've also recently won an award for their Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Body Wash, it was voted best sustainable product at the GQ Grooming Awards.

The bottle of the body wash is made using 20% plastic reclaimed from the ocean and 80% recycled plastic bottles.

And of course, their actual products are well worth the hype too.


You can't talk about sustainable beauty brands without mentioning Lush.

They're a company that's been providing us with sustainable and eco-friendly beauty alternatives for years.

They have a huge range of "naked" or packaging-free items including makeup, body, face, hair and shower products.

As well as this they also have a great incentive where you get a free fresh face mask if you bring back 5 of their pots or tubes clean and empty.


They have a huge range of incredible products, all of which are cruelty-free and many are vegan too.


Kevin Murphy

The bottles of the incredible Kevin Murphy haircare brand are made from 100% ocean waste plastic, how cool is that?

The bottles are designed in the rectangular shape as it allows for them to be packaged more easily when being shipped while also reducing the brands' carbon footprint.

All of the ingredients in their products come from natural and renewable sources too.

They've partnered with Green Circle Salons which allows hair salons to send their everyday waste such as hair clippings, foil, colour tubes and applicators to be recycled properly.


Aveda is another amazing haircare brand committed to providing gorgeous products that are good for both the consumer and the environment.

85% of their packaging is made from post-consumer recycled plastic.

When it's not possible to use this they've started to use a plant-derived plastic instead which can, of course, be recycled.

All of Aveda's products are manufactured using wind power and many of their products are also cruelty-free too.



What are your favourite ways to have a more sustainable beauty routine?

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