3 primers that do more than just prime

The thing I love and get frustrated with about beauty products in equal measure is how fast products evolve. It wasn't that long ago that primer was introduced to our lives as a lovely barrier between our skin and makeup to make us look extra perfecto, and it has since become a never-to-be-skipped step in many women's beauty routines, mine included.

I love this fact because well, multi-functioning is brill, but it frustrates me because I start to love one product and then I have to abandon it for its updated version. Or more accurately, for another brand's version. I'm not particularly loyal.

Primer's main job is to help foundation look better and stay on for longer and more often than not it has mattifying qualities, making it a God send for oily Marys, like moi. The best ones act like cement and fill in pores and lines, making your skin look much smoother (with and without makeup).

For me, primer is essential, and a multi-functioning primer is even better. Primers do so much already; any extra is a bonus. Here are three lovely ones.

  • Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30


This guy is quite new to shelves and by God, but it's a wonder. It would want to be for €70. Sorry about that blow, I felt it too. Murad is a high-end brand founded by Dr. Murad, a dermatologist. It's a bit of a cult line, and it has definitely got clout.

Invisiblur's texture is gel-like, but it's silky and glides on the skin. It dries really quickly, and a little goes a long way. It claims to 'treat, blur and protect' and combat signs of ageing and the SPF 30 is a welcome element.

  • Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer SPF 20



It's another pricey one. But at €48 the Dermalogica Redness Relief is a good step down from Murad's level! This is a lovely primer that works on its own, but its hook is the redness relief aspect. And give relief to redness it does.

  • Nars Pro-Prime Multi-Protect Primer SPF 30



The extra special element to this primer is, again, SPF although the inclusion of the Tibetan Urnula flower apparently guards skin against nasty free-radicals and it contains shea butter for protection against pollution. Packs a punch, so it does and at €33, it doesn't entirely break the bank.

Do you wear primer? Do you splash out on primers that go above and beyond or will a primer that's simply a primer do you just fine? What's your favourite at the moment? Comments time!




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