How To: Look Half Decent When You Feel Half Dead With The Flu

 how to survive a cold

Thanks to an absolutely disgusting upper respiratory tract infection, I mostly feel URRRGGGH at the moment. Sadly, I mostly look URRRGGGH too. As cold 'n' flu 'n' general sickness season kicks off in earnest, I thought it was high time we dedicated a post to the art of hiding the telltale visible symptoms of feeling like death warmed up.


The constant sniffling and blowing and rubbing that goes along with being poorly takes its toll on your schnozz: it'll be red and sore and, very probably, chafed and flaky to boot. To minimise irritation, avoid using loo roll or - worse - kitchen towel to blow or wipe your nose.

Spring for a packet of balsam- or lotion-treated tissues instead. Forget about exfoliating until the fragile, damaged skin heals and use an intensive moisturiser to help hydrate it in the meantime: I'll be using La Roche Posay's Cicaplast to keep mine under control. Stick with liquid concealers and foundation to hide redness without exacerbating dryness and flaking.



Dry cracked lips are a winter curse anyway, but being sick makes things so much worse. Using your favourite lipbalm often and regularly, even if you don't feel that you need it, will keep your lips are in tip top shape and help prevent them cracking off altogether if you do get poorly. Don't lick your lips - it will dry them out even faster.


Whether they're caused by sleepless nights or constant watering, tired, puffy, red eyes are a dead giveaway that you're under the weather. A cold compress will give some relief; the handiest is a facecloth wrung out in water, but cucumber slices, cooled tea bags, or spoons that have been in the fridge will also work to reduce puffiness.

What are your top tips for disguising the look of lurgy?

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