Top beauty tips for when your face is destroyed with a cold

We're drinking too much, eating terribly and going out in that cold every night. Yes, we all need some beauty tips 'round this time of year

We're sensing a theme here... but it is that time of year.

We have all been that soldier; the one with a bright red nose, streaming eyes and flaky skin in Christmas reunion photos while standing beside the prettiest girl in your group. Or was that just me? Having grown up with acne, it took me years to perfect the fine art of makeup. It was a necessity for me to be able to leave the house.

Every winter, many of us end up with some sort of plague. I always catch something and it's always just in time for Christmas because I'm working way too many hours, drinking too much wine and not eating well. And I know I am not alone in this annual illness. But what can be done about this country-wide Petrie dish of disease?

Here's what.

  • Exfoliate


Exfoliate twice a week. Your skin can dry out a lot when it's faced with extreme weather conditions. Even sitting in a heated office and going out to the cold air at lunch is a thermal shock to your skin. Our skin can get about 17 thermal shocks a day, believe it or not, which just leaves the skin dried out and crying for moisture. Unfortunately, our skin can't absorb moisture until we exfoliate it first, so exfoliation is key.

  • Use a primer



It's important to protect your skin from the harsh elements. Choose a hydrating primer (preferably with an SPF if you don't already use one) to create a barrier between your skin and your foundation to stop your skin from absorbing your foundation when it starts getting dry.

The skin is like a sponge; it literally will absorb any moisture that comes near it, especially if it's dehydrated.

  • Use an additional barrier on your nose

MAC paint pot

If you have been blowing your nose for the last week and you are wondering if people might mistake you for Rudolf this year, your regular primer and foundation won't cut it. You will need a stronger primer for the nose area only. I like MAC Paint Pot in Painterly (€18.70) but other eyeshadow primers will work just as well.

Apply it with a fluffy brush or your finger and apply all around the tip of your nose and especially around your nostrils where your makeup is likely to slide off. Then apply your foundation on top and set with a powder.

  • Use waterproof eye makeup


If your eyes are streaming, less is more when it comes to eye makeup, otherwise, you will end up looking like a panda. When you are choosing eye makeup products in these situations, make sure they are the waterproof kind. So your liners, mascaras, and cream shadows should all be waterproof or resistant to eliminate the risk of running.


With these simple tips, you can't go wrong this cold and flu season.

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