How can I make my fake tan last?

Doing your tan is not for the faint-hearted.

It takes patience, practise, and even a little help for your back!

It's totally worth it when you wash it off and feel amazing but it is something you have to mentally prepare for, for sure.

The last thing you want is your tan fading prematurely or even worse, looking like you have scales. So how can you make sure your tan lasts as long as possible?


Most of us know tan will apply, look and wear off much better after some pre-light exfoliation.

But did you know you should exfoliate the night before you are planning to apply fake tan and not a few hours before?

When you exfoliate you remove dead skin cells and open up your pores.

If you exfoliate only a couple of hours before applying tan, you run the risk of the pores still being open.

This can result in tan going into your pores and leave your skin looking like it is covered in dots, and we've all been there.

Don't add a barrier

It is important to moisturise daily. Moisturised skin will make sure your tan application is smooth and even.


But, you don't want to arrive for a spray tan after just putting moisturiser on.

This will add a barrier over the skin and the tan will not stick.

You should avoid deodorant, perfume and moisturiser to give your skin the best chance at soaking all the tan in.

Pat Dry

When showering your tan off at least 8 hours after application, only use soap where necessary and always be sure to pat the skin dry and not rub with your towel.


It is important if you want your tan to last to moisturise.

Oils are a fantastic option as they soak into the skin and are non-greasy.

Applying a body oil directly after you shower while your skin is still damp is a great way to make sure it all gets soaked into the skin.

Gradual tanner

Another sure way to ensure your tan lasts is to apply a gradual tanner every day.


This means as your tan wears off your gradual tanner will kick in.

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