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I read an interesting article in the Sunday Times' Style section on Sunday (by the way, what happened to Bethan Cole!? She appears to have left, and I am bereft - she was my absolute favourite beauty writer) and there was a really good article about adult acne, and the rise of the condition in women well past their pubescent, spotty years.

carter beauty

It's something we've blogged about ourselves before and I've discussed it with lots of therapists too - a combination of stress, bad diet, environmental factors and excessive medication can all aggravate the skin and leave gals like us suffering from an excess of sebum, congestion and horrible spotty skin.

Those of us who are suffering will be very interested to hear about Carter Beauty, a specialist acne and skin clinic in Dun Laoghaire, owned by Marissa Carter, one of the few therapists in Ireland (and in Europe) qualified to perform paramedical skin procedures. So what're they when they're at home? Well, paramedical products contain pharmaecutical grade ingredients and are therefore stronger, and need to be administered by qualified therapists. And of course, the results can be much better too.


Marissa uses respected ranges like Dr. de Paoli, Dr. Danné Montague King and Dr. Murad, and she specialises in treating skin issues like acne and rosacea. The salon itself is gorgeous and purpose built - see the pic above - treatment rooms are calmy and soothingly decorated and everything is clean and new.

Marissa also offers a whole slew of other treatments too - you can have all sorts of facials; electrolysis; waxing and spray tans; men's treatments; massage; teeth whitening and a load more are also on offer.

Contact Carter Beauty at 46A Patrick St, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Call them on 01-2808880 or contact them via email to [email protected]

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