Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien: LOVE

eau d'hadrien

Longtime readers will know I'm madly, madly fickle. But what they might not realise is my fickleness actually only extends to cosmetics, clothes and accessories. I'm nice really, honestly - it's just those sort of things I can't be faithful to.

I've eschewed my entire collection of fragrance recently in favour of Annick Goutal, more specifically, her Eau d'Hadrien fragrance. Created in 1981, it's a bit of a modern classic. The Beauty Bible ladies class it as a 'safe bet', and true, it's not going to offend many noses.


It's a light, yummy scent with a lot of citrus notes - it's got Sicilian lemon, citron, grapefruit and cypress in there, and that keeps it from being over-sweet. But it is deeeeeelicious - and look at that bottle! Annick Goutal is only available here in House of Fraser, but you can buy online for €83.50. Yup, not cheap for an EDT, I know, but I have a plan. Christmas is coming up, and this would be a brilliant gift to get. Start planting those ideas now!

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