How To Downsize Your Makeup Collection To Just The Essentials

Are you a makeup lover in desperate need of downsizing your collection but have no idea where to start? Well here's how you can downsize your collection to just the essentials.

As a self-confessed makeup addict, I completely understand how difficult it is to downsize or declutter your makeup collection.

Especially when you can think of at least three good reasons to keep every item in your collection.

So here's how I went from having drawers full of neglected makeup products to just one bag with containing virtually all of my makeup. I have about 6 eyeshadow palettes that are far too big to fit into the bag.



1. Dump all of your expired makeup

If you have a makeup collection chances are that half of it is probably expired by now.

So the first thing you need to is go through your collection and dump anything that's expired, even the expensive makeup.

It may be painful to dump your precious makeup products but it's better safe than sorry.


2. Put yourself on a makeup buying ban

Don't let yourself buy any more makeup.

This is the most difficult thing to do so tell your friends and family so they can help you out.

Avoid going to makeup shops and stop following online websites that sell makeup on social media so you're not tempted.



3. Pay attention to what makeup products you use the most

Paying attention to the products you reach for the most will help you figure out what type of products you love and hate.

Knowing the type of makeup products you don't like means you know what you need to stop buying.

There's no point in buying products you know you won't use.


4. Only buy a new product once another has run out

Rather than buying something new because you like the look of it adopt the one in one out policy.

If you want to buy a new foundation wait until your current one has run out and use the same policy for every type of makeup product.

I personally find this most difficult to do with eyeshadow palettes.


5. Give away any unwanted products to friends and family

Go through your whole collection again and put aside any products that you don't use or won't use to give to family and friends.

Don't give products such as lip glosses or mascaras and eyeliners away as this is unhygienic.

This is a good way to get rid of makeup sustainably and give friends and family a nice little treat of free products.




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