Multi-Use Makeup Products That Will Save You Time And Money

We all lead busy lives so if there's a way for us to get out the door in the morning a little quicker then we're all for it. Here are some multi-use makeup products that will save you both time and money.


Glossier Cloud Paint

The Glossier cloud paints are a busy person's dream product.

This gel-cream blush can be used to add colour to the cheeks and lips.

Bonus points for how chic your makeup will look with perfectly matching blush and "lipstick".

The cloud paints come in six shades and are available to purchase online for €18 each or you could buy the cloud paint duo for €30 which is a saving of €6 if you bought them individually.


Dr Paw Paw Original Balm

The Pawpaw balm is a classic multi-use makeup product.

Not only is the balm amazing for keeping chapped lips away but it's also great for taming frizzy hair or for moisturising your hands.


So when you're in a rush in the morning pop a bit of this balm on your lips and if your hair's a bit frizzy rub a small amount of it onto your fingertips and lightly comb it through your hair.

It can be found in pharmacies nationwide or you can buy it online at Cloud 10 Beauty for €7.95.


NYX Matte Bronzer

This is a tried and tested technique that many beauty gurus have spoken about over the years.

When you're in a rush and don't have too much time for eye makeup just use your bronzer instead.

The bronzer will create a nice, natural eye look and if you pair this trick with the cloud paint one your makeup will be looking flawless.

This NYX bronzer is a good affordable, cruelty-free option. You can purchase it in Boots for €10.50.



What are your favourite multi-use makeup products? 

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