Feelin' The Burn? Three Budget Aftersun Creams to Soothe Your Ham Legs

Ham legs. You'll see many a set ambling about the streets of the country this week. Why? Because we just can't seem to get on top of our sun care. As a nation, we know we need to use SPF, but often, we don't.

We hope very much that you are being sun sensible in this fine weather. However, if you've been caught out, or some member of your family is exhibiting a heretofore unknown level of crispiness, you don't deserve to wallow in agony.

Aftersun is not the answer to skin damage. It can help to soothe the symptoms, but sunburn is a burn, like any other, and it is seriously damaging to your skin. Really bad sunburn hurts like the blazes, literally.

First things first, take an antihistamine to help with the inflammation. These are available over the counter, and won't do any harm. If the sunburn is severe, you might want to try a corticosteroid cream, which is again available over the counter.

If you've just got a bit of a nasty burn, however, or have been in the sun and tanned (whether you wanted to or not), a classic aftersun will do the trick. Any tanning of the skin is UV damage, and you'll notice that your skin is much drier after tanning. This is because it has, essentially, been cooked. So whip out one of these three budget lovelies to protect and moisturise!


  • Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Exotic Coconut Body Butter  (€14.99)

This is the stuff that skin dreams are made of. If anyone can pick the best of budget skincare, it's Caroline Hirons. This product is a beloved favourite of hers; she mentions it all the time as a general body moisturiser, and of course, it does that job wonderfully.

It is actually intended as an aftersun, though. Massage this divinely scented coconut butter into your tanned or mildly burnt skin, and you'll be smelling divine and feeling soothed in no time.

Sure, this is on the pricier end of budget, but I guarantee you won't regret an investment in this magically scented goo. Just try not to eat it.image

  • Simple Kids' Sun Sensitive Soothing After Sun Lotion (€11.19)

Children have the most sensitive skin, but that doesn't mean that you can't share their products. This after sun is a little boring - it's not unctuous or gloriously scented like the one above - but it melts away and soothes very sensitive skins, which is ofte njust what's needed when you've had a bit of burning.

This is more affordable, but I'm sure we'd all be willing to spend a little to soothe burny burny ham legs. It's an old reliable!


  • Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun and Soothing Aloe Gel (€17.99)

This is more a case of bringing out the big guns. I know that two of my picks are from Hawaiian Tropic, but they are a dedicated Sun Care brand, so it makes sense that they have a wide range of after sun options.

This one is pretty dreamy, but it is shot through with aloe vera gel, which we all know (from burnings past) is a lovely, cooling, soothing influence on viciously stinging ham legs.

The coconut papaya fragrance only makes it more splendiferous. Again, no eating.

At best, your sunburn will feel much better. at worst, you will smell better than everyone else you've ever met.


Have you had a royal burning? I won't judge you. Tell us in the comments. Ham legs, UNITE!

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