Make brown eyes pop with this really specific shade

Brown eyes are notoriously difficult to make stand out. They are neutral so while all of the colours go with them, very few make brown eyes pop.

Everybody loves to hear an eyeshadow colour is going to make their eyes pop, right? I'm sure a makeup artist somewhere has given you an eyeshadow that will make your green eyes shine like no other or your blue eyes look the colour of the ocean. However, it is a little more difficult to find an eyeshadow that will make brown eyes pop.

Don't get confused between choosing an eyeshadow colour to suit your eye colour and one that will make your eye colour pop. There are hundreds of colours to suit every eye colour but only a few tones that will make them stand out more than usual. For green eyes, if you wear an eyeshadow with a purple undertone it will make them look more piercing green. For blue eyes, it's brown eyeshadows with gold or orange undertones to them that make them almost navy. Brown eyes, on the other hand, are a very neutral colour. There aren't any particular colours to make them stand out.

We have found the answer for brown eyes. This liquid eyeshadow from Glossier will make your eyes look like stones or a kind of metallic brown. It's a subtle effect but the undertones in this eyeshadow make your eyes look sultry and darker than usual. I wore this eyeshadow out for dinner with friends last week and I think it's the first time ever that at least three people told me my eyes looked so brown.


Glossier fawn brown eyes pop

Glossier Lidstar in Fawn €18

Fawn by Glossier is now my new favourite eyeshadow. The colour is a steely-brown when applied. It's a liquid with a metallic shimmer finish to it - and it's unbelievably easy to apply. Take a small amount on the tip of your finger and smudge it out from the lash line to the socket. Buff the edges with a fluffy blender brush or lightly pat it out with your fingertips to get a diffused finish. It's super easy and super effective and I will be buying this again.

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